Looking for the perfect gift for Father's Day?

Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder
A perfect pick for Cocktail making Father's out there!  Smooth with fragrant vanilla notes and bound to be a great base for a Old Fashion.  

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The Glenfiddich Project XX
Glenfiddich Project XX

20 of the whisky industry’s most exceptional minds came together to create this truly unique, pioneering single malt expression and it's bound to impress. Complex notes with sustained sweet finish gives it a value for money. 

P.S Try it with a lick of salt along side the drink.

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Jameson Bold - Jameson Deconstructed

A unique expression on Irish whiskies. A spicy note to kick off a great father's day dinner over a whisky to be remembered. 

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Four Roses Bourbon
Four Roses

Four Roses Bourbon brings exceptional unique aromas and flavors to your bourbon cocktail. Perhaps it's time to impress your father a cocktail made yours truly!

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